07.23 2018

Launch 『VOICE + Technology-Equipped Speaker』 to enhance the quality of communication with elderly people~Support 「hearing」 when dealing with service counter, enhance customer contacts and improve efficiency~

Launch 『VOICE + Technology-Equipped Speaker』

02.20 2018

We always hear the metaphor, “think outside the box”, and it has influenced the way people think especially the most successful leaders. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Sheryl Sandberg changed the course of technology and history with the way they approach problems and challenges. However, to some people, like the children in Payatas, looking inside the box is where they see their dreams come true and the first step to success.

The Overflow of Success

12.15 2017

What does employee engagement really mean? To some, the term means participation in company-led activities. To some, it’s enjoying going to work because their company spoils them. These two scenarios represent a few aspects of what employee engagement really is. Read more…

How to Tell If You Are an Engaged Employee

10.11 2017

TMJ and TMJP are both Kaizen-oriented. We believe that there is always room for improvement. Our company is fortunate to have Raymond Garcia, our Corporate Development Team Manager who also happens to be trained and qualified to facilitate Kaizen in the workplace.

TMJP and Kaizen: An Interview with Raymond Garcia

08.04 2017

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Web Development. Behind a website, there is a group of people who work with synergy to get things done. There are also tools that these people use, and a leadership principle that they believe in. This interview with TMJP's Web Develeopment Manager -Gian Mendoza, will give our readers an insight on how this diverse group of individuals work together ........

Values, Tools, and People: Meet TMJP's Web Development Team

TMJP Services

The Philippines, a prominent country in the BPO industry 

TMJ Group selected Philippines as ASEAN strategic location for enhancing client value to the global level.

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3 reasons why TMJP is chosen

As a corporate globalization partner, there is a reason for choosing TMJP

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3 reasons why TMJP is chosen

TMJP BPO Service

From Back Office Service to Multilingual Contact Center, KPO service, Web contents operation service, all TMJP services includes technology, experience and enthusiasm enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction, and strongly backing up global client development with solid quality.

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TMJP BPO Service